Leveraging a data-driven approach, the redesigned website provides its visitors with a more direct path to the content they seek and an overall improved UX. A complete overhaul and re-code of the backend allows the organization to modify the site with minimal resources needed.


growing business needed to revisit the content, organization and design of its website to align to its business goals and to provide an improved UX for its visitors. Navigation on the site was lacking, making it difficult for key information to be discovered. Content wasn’t presented in an intuitive, digestible fashion. Additionally, the way the site was coded made it largely inflexible; requiring extensive time and resources to alter the location of existing content as well as to create and display new content.  

"Our redesigned site is driving visitors to the content we want them to consume. We're seeing measurable progress towards goals in reviewing our analytics. By updating the back-end of our site, we can be more flexible in creating new content and modifying existing pages and we can reallocate our resources to other value-adding projects.


UDig began by carefully reviewing website analytics. This provided insight into how site visitors behaved – what content they consumed, their navigation, where they came from and on what types of devices. The team conducted a focus group with key personas to provide additional feedback on user behavior and more general observations. They married this information with the organization’s business goals to establish clear organization and hierarchy for the site – developing new content where necessary and updating existing copy with deliberate messaging to support site objectives.  

UDig completely rebuilt the backend of the site, recoding it in a more modular approach to ensure future changes could be quickly and easily completed, and content could be added to the site with minimal effort. Lastly, the design of the site itself was completed to align to the culture of the organization, cater to the devices and browsers of its visitors, and meet WCAG standards for accessibility.  

To ensure the redesign had its intended effect, UDig created user stories and observed visitor behavior based on the specified guidelines. The team established targeted goals for the site with accompanying KPIs to address previous pain points and will conduct ongoing review of analytics for key insights.  

Technology Used

  • WordPress
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • SASS