Reimagine your Member Experience

Are you struggling to make sense of what your members want? Member experience is everything, but if your technology isn’t giving you actionable insights into how well you’re delivering value to your members or whether you’re on track to hit your KPIs, then it’s not doing its job. UDig can dig into your technology strategy to help you understand what your association is doing well, simplify what’s not working, and align your technology and data efforts with your strategic plan. We’ll help you define where you need to go and then work alongside you to help you get there.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need guidance on which efforts will make the biggest impact toward your goals, we’ll leverage our 20+ years of experience across the trade, private, and public sector to turn your big ideas into reality. When you’re ready to exceed your members’ expectations, achieve your goals, and simplify your digital transformation, UDig can help you chart the smartest path to get you where you want to go.

How We Partner with Associations

Strategic Assessment & Roadmap

Understand how your technology is serving your association and your members. We’ll guide you in making the most of your technology by digging deep into what you want to learn about your members and then reverse-engineering solutions that integrate and simplify your current systems to make the most of the information you already have available. Your roadmap will provide an action plan that’s broken down into key priorities to help you get started immediately and maintain momentum.

Member Engagement Insights

Gain the member insights you need to make better decisions for your members. If you want to provide a meaningful digital experience for your members, your technology needs to leverage the data you’re capturing and turn it into actionable insights. We’ll help you organize and improve your data and leverage technology to add the most value to your organization. We will benchmark your insights, create dashboards to make your data easier to consume, and provide areas of opportunity to attract new members and improve retention of existing members.

Digital Modernization

It’s not enough to have a system in place that just gathers your members’ data: your systems and applications should work together to give you a clear view into how to better serve your members, make decisions quickly and confidently, and provide the digital experience that your members have come to expect. UDig can help you simplify your existing software environment to break down silos, relieve frustration for your internal team, and create a seamless experience for your members.

Data Maturity Assessment

If you’re ready to become a more data-driven organization, we can help you leverage the data you’re already collecting to elevate your member experience and increase satisfaction. Our data maturity assessment gives you an understanding of where you are now, how you stack up against key competitors, and leaves you with a roadmap designed to get you where you want to be with strategic priorities you can start implementing immediately.

Download a Data Strategy Roadmap Template



Automotive Services Association Streamlines Reporting and Reliably Measure KPIs

An association wanted to better understand its member-population to provide the best possible service. To do that, they required accurate data relating to critical organizational KPIs, including membership autorenewals and mobile app downloads. Manual processes and siloed data systems demanded a centralized platform to enable knowledgeable reporting. This led to the creation of a centralized data platform. As a result of this effort, the association’s analysts now spend significantly less time creating reports to provide insights on executive-level KPIs.


National Healthcare Organization Benefits from Improved Data Management Practices

A national healthcare association needed to replace a legacy system that allows their program members to understand performance relative to other member organizations and monitor the progress of their organization over time. The modern, user-friendly solution created a secure platform for members to upload their data, a process to cleanse and integrate the uploaded data, a new data warehouse with improved schema to support the integrated data and a metrics process for calculating benchmarking information.