A Day in the Life of a UDig Software Engineer


Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our consultants was like? This series will give you all the details! Our “Day in the Life” subject is Dana Jackson, a Software Engineer located in Richmond, VA. Here’s what a typical day looks like for Dana.  


My morning typically goes one of two ways, wake up and workout or sleep in. Next, I jump in my car and head to my client’s office located in downtown Richmond. The first thing I do when I walk into the office is to make coffee or pop open an energy drink before our daily stand up. Our stand up is somewhat informal since we are all working in one breakout room. Once we are all caught up and in tune with the day’s goals, I check emails and get all my programs running. The remainder of my morning is mostly uninterrupted so I can get a decent amount of development done.  

Lunch Time 

I typically bring my own lunch, but occasionally I will venture out and grab something. My favorite spot right now is Capital Waffle Shop, they have the best savory waffles! Usually, I will eat at my desk and spend the hour getting my personal life more organized. At the beginning of the week, I grocery shop online and plan my meals for the week.  


If my afternoon is meeting free, I will listen to a podcast and be heads down for the next couple of hours. Some afternoons we have “Core Hours” where business clients and upper management sit down with our team for demos and ask questions about the product. This allows our clients to come see whatever they are interested in at that time. Other times we have backlog grooming sessions. Towards the end of the day, we start to get restless, so we are a bit chattierWe talk about our days, plans for the weekend and events going on around the city.   

After Hours 

I have recently been into preparing my own meals. I love trying new recipes and expanding my palate. I recently purchased a house so there is always something for me to work on in the evening. I am currently rewatching Entourage but have also started the latest season of Westworld. If I chose to be lazy in the morning, I’ll walk over to Boho Studio to enjoy a late-night spin class. 

About The Author

Dana Jackson is a Senior Consultant on the Software Engineering team. She specializes in front-end development. A Richmond native, she enjoys spending her free time at the river, at brunch, or tackling home renovations.