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The Georgia Emerging Technology Summit: AI 2023 offered valuable insights into the current state and future of artificial intelligence in state government. While many states are still grappling with the policy and ethical considerations surrounding AI, the potential for transformative applications across various departments is undeniable.

Key Takeaways | AI in State Government

Policy & Ethics are Paramount

States are prioritizing the development of comprehensive AI policies that define acceptable use and address potential bias and fairness issues.

Early Stages of Adoption

Only a small number of states have successfully deployed AI solutions. The majority are still exploring use cases and navigating the complexities of implementation.

Use Case Categories

The summit identified several promising use case categories for AI in state government, including summarization of text to get key points from lengthy documents, live translation to improve access in multiple languages, creating Q&A guides to help citizens and employees, smart kiosks that can guide you to a room or help you file a court case, accelerating procurement processes, image analysis to pinpoint maintenance needs and accelerate inspections, and many more.

Areas for Application

Streamlining back office functions, improving customer engagement, knowledge management, case management, document generation, and procurement are some of the key areas where AI can significantly benefit government operations.


Explainability, transparency, and human oversight were recurring themes throughout the summit. It was emphasized that AI should not replace human decision-making but rather augment it.

GTA’s AI Initiatives

The Georgia Technology Authority’s AI program and innovation lab are actively facilitating problem-solving and proofs-of-concept around AI solutions.

Future Expectations

The summit concluded with a positive outlook on the future of AI in state government. Continued investments in research, development, and collaboration will unlock the full potential of AI to improve efficiency, transparency, and citizen engagement in government services. It spoke about making government a more attractive employer through AI while improving customer engagement at the same time. We have a long way to go, but focusing on policy, fair use, and envisioning use cases is a good starting point.

Final Thoughts on AI in State Government

  • The summit highlighted the need for ongoing training and education for government officials to understand and leverage AI effectively.
  • The importance of data privacy and security was emphasized throughout the discussions.
  • The summit’s diverse speaker lineup provided valuable perspectives from different stakeholders across the AI ecosystem.

Overall, the Georgia Emerging Technology Summit: AI 2023 served as a valuable forum for exploring the potential and challenges of AI in state government. The event provided actionable insights and fostered a collaborative spirit that will undoubtedly contribute to the responsible and successful integration of AI in government operations in the years to come.

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