Digging in with Josh Bartels

Digging In is a regular series of blog posts profiling UDig employees. We hope this series helps you get to know our team and understand why we dig what we do! Today, we are sitting down with Josh Bartels, Chief Technology Officer.

UDig: Tell us a little bit about your background and your role at UDig.  

JB: I bounced around several different consulting firms before landing at UDig in 2017. I started out working with the US Marine Corps as a defense contractor helping to modernize their logistics systems. I also worked at a niche boutique consulting firm providing data solutions before I found UDig.  

I came on board here as Director of Client Services. I helped establish part of the organization that could aid us in delivering and managing projects. At the time, UDig was about one year into its journey of switching from a staffing firm to a project-based consulting firm.   

I wore a couple more hats at the company before getting into my current role, Chief Technology Officer. I served as Director of Data Enablement and most recently as Vice President of Consulting.  

Today, as CTO, I have three core responsibilities. First, is partnering with existing clients and potential clients in ensuring that our solutions fit their needs. Next, is leveraging innovation. It’s important to look for ways that UDig can use innovation in offering solutions to clients and in efforts to make our own organization better. Lastly, I serve as the general technology management support for our internal team, our team of consultants, and the technology they use.  

UDig: Why UDig? What made us the right decision for you?  

JB: When I came to UDig, I saw an opportunity to help an organization that was transitioning into a project-based consulting firm. This was something I had previous experience in, so I felt that the company was the right fit for me.  

I grew up in various consulting roles, UDig provided the opportunity for me to advance my career by becoming a director. 

It was exciting to know that UDig was small enough that I could personally impact how the company was delivering projects – I knew I could make the organization better because they were so open to listening, hearing, and trying new things. If something doesn’t work, UDig is always willing to pivot.  

UDig: What does “accelerate your success” mean to you?  

JB: At UDig, there is always room to grow. I’ve been here for six years and played four to six different roles in that time – UDig has allowed me to excel my success as I step into this new position of CTO.  

UDig: What is your favorite procrastination tool?  

JB: In the back of the office, we have a couple of putting and chipping mats which are always fun to mess around on.  

UDig: What did you want to be when you grew up? 

JB: I always knew that I wanted to work in the technology field. Before college, I wanted to do something related to video games. So, at Michigan State, I started out in computer engineering. 

As a computer engineering major, I learned how to write code for circuit boards. I quickly learned that it wasn’t super practical, so I switched my major to telecommunications.  

In telecommunications, I learned how to create web apps and how people use and interact with different technologies. From there, I grew my career – I went to VCU and got my MBA in Information Systems.  

UDig: What’s the most played song in your library?  

JB: While I don’t have a specific song, my most played artist at the moment is Ed Sheeran, I just saw him in concert in Toronto!  

UDig: How would you spend your day if we told you to take the day off?  

JB: I’m an introvert by nature. I often take time to recharge by doing things by myself – my favorite hobbies include reading and playing video games.  

If I’m looking to do something more active, I love playing ice hockey and golf.