NASCIO Midyear Conference | 4 Key Takeaways


I attended the National Association of State CIO (NASCIO)’s Midyear Conference for the first time in National Harbor, Maryland. It was my first time at a NASCIO event, and what struck me most was how collaborative the NASCIO community is and how passionate these leaders are about serving their state’s constituents and employees.  

Each state has similar goals, and they all want to help each other succeed. The conference highlighted the dual importance of AI and data governance. For governments to successfully leverage the power of AI, they must prioritize data quality and create a responsible data management environment. 

Here’s a breakdown of the key takeaways: 

  • AI is a Priority: AI is number 3 on NASCIO’s top 10 technology priorities list, reflecting the growing focus on how AI can transform government services across agencies. 
  • Data as the Fuel: Reliable and well-governed data is the fuel that powers effective AI. Without high-quality data, AI systems can produce biased or inaccurate results. 
  • Data Governance in Focus: State CIOs emphasized the need for robust data governance frameworks. This includes establishing clear ownership of data sets, implementing data quality standards, and ensuring responsible data collection and storage practices. 
  • Preparing the Workforce: States, like the private sector, are competing in the war for tech talent, and need to continuously develop and hire for not only technical skills but also the human side of AI, such as AI ethics and managing human-AI collaboration. 

Attending the NASCIO Midyear Conference underscored the collaborative spirit and dedication of state CIOs in leveraging AI and data governance to enhance public services. The event highlighted the critical need for high-quality data and robust governance frameworks to ensure responsible and effective AI implementation in government. If your state is facing challenges in these areas, reach out to UDig to discuss how we can help you succeed. 


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Meg Chamblee is an Executive Vice President, Vertical Markets at UDig. She has over 15 years of experience in the technology industry, primarily focused on business development, leadership, and recruiting for technology consulting firms.