The RPA Initiative at GMU and UDig Announce New Partnership

UDig, a technology company with a significant Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) practice, with offices in Richmond, Nashville, and Washington, D.C., has officially partnered with The RPA Initiative at George Mason University to further advance its mission and to assist the public sector in being more effective and efficient in its work to solve societal challenges.

“UDig is the latest supporter of the premiere academic RPA Initiative in the country, and we are honored and delighted to be working with them,” said Dr. David K. Rehr, Director at the Center for Business Civic Engagement and Co-Founder of the Initiative. He added, “UDig has an established record of accomplishment in both the private and public sectors and will bring real thought leadership and practical experience to our efforts.”

“Our team at UDig is excited to be part of the RPA Initiative at  George Mason University. With all of us working together, we can improve our society and economy, and, ultimately, the quality of life, using transformational technology” Jessa Barnes, Principal Consultant, Intelligent Automation, said at the announcement.

“We warmly welcome Jessa and the UDig team as our most current partners,” said RPA Initiative Co-Founder, Dorin Munteanu. “UDig is highly regarded as a business digital transformation enabler with modern solutions and their participation in the Initiative will further elevate our national recognition and relevance for the study of RPA and its use around the whole nation” Munteanu concluded.

The mission of the RPA Initiative is to research, educate, and communicate how the adoption of this emerging technology can improve productivity, operations, and service delivery of public sector organizations. The Initiative will also study and recommend possible governance models and public policy initiatives for RPA deployment in the context of the broader economic outlook and the future of work.

SOURCE: George Mason University, School of Policy & Government