Redefine Patient Experiences

Transform your patient outcomes and revenue cycle by leveraging the latest in technology. Your data is poised to give you better insights​,​ and your operations are ripe for efficiency improvements; we help you harness the opportunity in front of you and position you to leverage technologies that are the future of clinical care.

How We Revolutionize Your Patient & Employee Experiences

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

Discover how automation can improve your revenue cycle management. From custom software applications to ​​​​automation solutions, we take a creative approach to building or improving a technology architecture that meets your revenue and business objectives.

Data Optimization

Uncover fresh insights from your data in real time. We empower you to glean new, predictive analytics and insights to optimize how you capture and use your data to drive operational excellence, improve patient outcomes, and more deeply understand social determinants of health.

Streamlined Employee Experience

Seize the competitive recruitment and retention advantage by alleviating administrative work on your staff. We dive deep into your operations and identify opportunities to increase efficiencies through automation, lifting the administrative burden so your team can focus on patient care.

AI Insights

AI in healthcare is on the horizon – we help you get ahead. Healthcare service delivery continually evolves, and artificial intelligence (AI) drives new, innovative opportunities to streamline your operations and reveal new insights.

“By automating our patient referral process with UDig’s advanced solutions, we have drastically reduced administrative burdens and improved our response times. This technology empowers our team to focus more on patient care, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both patients and providers. It’s a game-changer in enhancing our operational capacity and service quality.”

-  Shane Maley, CEO, James River Home Health

Improve Insights and Profitability With AI

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Streamlining Healthcare Claim Denials for Revenue Recovery

Managing insurance claim denials is a cumbersome process for many healthcare organizations. This multilayer process often relies on manual workflows that can result in inaccurate data, missed claims, and wasted hours. So, when one of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. sought to improve their denial notification process and gain operational efficiency, they turned to UDig.


Intelligent Automation Creates 24/7 Referral-Acceptance Capabilities for James River Home Health

James River Home Health (JRHH) was poised for expansion, but they needed a better way to manage their patient-referral intake process. In the competitive home health industry, agencies that respond to patient referrals the quickest have the best opportunity for landing the new clients. Knowing that their expansion depended on landing as many strong referrals as possible, JRHH sought a competitive edge. 

Meg Chamblee

Executive Vice President, Vertical Markets

Meg leads a portfolio of vertical markets for UDig, including Healthcare. Meg has over a decade of experience partnering with healthcare clients on modernization and innovation initiatives. She enjoys helping clients improve their patient experiences, drive cost savings, and improve revenue cycle.