When a start-up grows up, it needs to move beyond excel spreadsheets and simple tracking tools to scale the organization. Recently, UDig helped an emerging receivables organization automate and simplify their pre-sales process through a custom workflow management application.


A fast growing organization experienced growing pains in their ability to effectively scale their operations. Having visibility into their debt portfolios was critical to their business model and continued growth; this required better management of a high volume of data, having the ability to interpret that data and being able to ensure that data was managed in a secure and compliant fashion.

The solution enables revenue growth by automating formerly time-consuming decisions and increasing speed to market.


Working closely with the Client, UDig helped identify the business rules driving the data management process and key integration points. Our team of designers and developers created a user interface that is simple and beautiful, allowing for easy on-boarding and training.

We scoped the initial project to a limited feature set to provide quick impact to the organization and are working closely to continue to build out the application to solve additional challenges. Ultimately, the solution will improve revenue by automating decisions and increasing speed to market.

Technology Used

  • S3
  • MySQL
  • Java 8
  • J Query
  • FreeMarker Templates