UDig’s Innovation Studio delivered a functional prototype to allow the client to re-sell as a SaaS platform allowing end users to close the benefits audit gap, reduce costs and provide a more robust process. Additionally, leveraging Innovation Studio resources provided the client with a cost-effective solution and provided for the seamless hand-off to an off-shore vendor for ongoing maintenance.


  • A healthcare technology services company desired to create a functional prototype to allow end users to reconcile HR benefits utilization data with insurance company invoicing.
  • Human Resources departments spend significant time ensuring benefits and billing are aligned. This software would simplify the process and reduce costs.
  • The project had an aggressive timeline and budget, and required a flexible, scalable application design.
The app minimizes operating costs and is easy to scale.


  • UDig’s Innovation Studio delivered the entire application back to front. The team started with concepts leveraging low cost, on demand cloud capabilities.
  • UDig leveraged the power of the cloud, specifically AWS, to build this app without infrastructure. Designed to leverage only the services that are being actively used, the app minimizes operating costs and is easy to scale.
  • The project team leveraged Agile methodologies with regular project check-ins, demonstrating progress, making necessary adjustments and striving for MVP throughout.

Technologies Used:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • API Gateway
  • Lambda
  • MicroServices
  • Dynamo DB & S3
  • Agile