A secure, robust Patient Portal was built on time and within budget allowing the organization to exceed EHR compliancy requirements while supplying patients, families, and providers with a series of engaging tools and applications to improve transparency and overall health care experience.


  • A leading regional health care facility was in need of a robust Patient Portal to provide patients and providers accurate and timely access to medical records and lab results.
  • The organization’s goals for the Patient Portal stretched beyond compliancy; it also must provide a safe and engaging suite of tools for patients and families, as well as providers, allowing overall care coordination improvement.
The Patient Portal exceeded EHR compliancy requirements while supplying patients, families and providers with an improved healthcare experience.


  • To fulfill critical components of Electronic Health Records (EHR) compliance, the organization leveraged UDig to drive technical architecture and strategy as well as provide overall technology leadership of the solution.
  • Security was the utmost importance; UDig Consultants led the efforts to remediate and secure the overall solution including various forms of cross domain forgery attacks, injection attacks, and other forms of malicious behavior.
  • UDig Consultants led the efforts to convert the implementation to a Test Driven Development approach resulting in overall improved code quality and stable solution.

Technology Used

  • Microsoft ASP.net MVC, WebAPI & Identity
  • Microsoft Entity Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server