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“We have a mutual investment in our clients’ success. Our collaborative, partnership-based approach ensures we fully understand our clients’ needs, co-create tailored solutions with them and delivers something they can own independently for years to come.”

Aside from building meaningful relationships with our clients, enabling their success is UDig’s top priority. We believe that our client’s success is a win not just for them, but for us as well. This fits perfectly into UDig’s brand promise of shared outcomes.

We identify the problem, together.

Shared outcomes speaks to the way we partner with our clients. We don’t believe in prescribing a one-size-fits-all solution to them; we value tailoring our solutions to fit their unique needs and to deliver the most value.  That sounds great, right? How does UDig accomplish that? The first step is ensuring we fully understand the problem our client is trying to solve – and it’s never as simple as, “we want a new website”. What the challenge really could be is, “we want to ensure we have a platform for customers to visit, have a good experience and get the information that they need” or, “we want to increase throughput to our website”. We develop the ‘problem statement’ by asking important questions not just about the immediate need, but about the about the business as a whole to understand broader impact. This gives us a starting point to defining our client’s goal and building a solution that can drive change. This also gives the UDig and the client a success metric.

We’ve identified the problem, now what?

From there, UDig and the client collaborate through whiteboarding sessions, requirement gathering meetings, and other discussions to agree upon an approach for the best solution to solve their problem. The goal and approach continue to be evaluated throughout the lifecycle of the process, staying on the lookout for any deviations. UDig keeps the client involved during the development to ensure they are learning as well. We want to leave our client in a place when the engagement ends that they are confident in their ability to maintain the solution for years to come. We ensure they have become subject matter experts on the solution that we are handing over to them, and are not just left to fend for themselves. UDig is just as invested in the success of the client post-engagement as they are during the engagement.

What does this have to do with shared outcomes?

Our metric for success is whether our work has enabled our client to meet their objectives. “Shared” means the client is getting a solution to their business problem and UDig has a vested interest in that solution. We are always learning something new from our engagements, whether we are working with a new technology, a new industry, or a completely new type of project. We can walk away with a successful project, some lessons learned takeaways, and growing experience for future engagements.

About The Author

Jessa Barnes is our Intelligent Automation Practice Lead. She has spent over nine years working on technology-related projects and initiatives from an analytical and project management role, as well as automation development. Jessa’s experience and inquisitive nature allow her to work with clients to map out processes, dig deeper into business problems, and help identify solutions.