UDig celebrates 20 years of partnership-focused work

Firm brings transparency and collaboration to IT consulting 

UDig, the Richmond-based IT consulting firm, is entering its third decade of service with the same unconventional approach that has driven its success since day one. In its highly competitive industry, UDig differentiates itself by focusing on customers’ priorities and business challenges  and co-creating solutions that truly fit their needs.   

“Our tagline is ‘We leave you better,’ and that sentiment influences every aspect of our company,” says Andy Frank, founder and chief executive officer. “From our customer service to our employee development to our community service, we effect positive, lasting change through our expertise, empathy, and commitment.” 

For the first 14 years, UDig specialized in IT staffing. But, as that industry became more commoditized, the company sought new ways to give clients and employees the support they deserved. Evolving into a consulting firm allowed UDig to provide personalized solutions for customers and robust professional development for employees.  

“We feel so thankful for the partners and teammates who have joined us on this journey,” says Gordon Kelly, executive vice president. “Together, we’ve built a business model that helps companies use technology to accomplish their goals and seize opportunities they may not have recognized before.” 

By fostering these lasting relationships, UDig has thrived. While many businesses have faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, UDig has continued to grow and expand, with noteworthy accomplishments including: 

  • 2020: Opened a Nashville office currently on track to triple its revenue and head count this year.  
  • 2021: Launched Intelligent Automation, a new service using automation to help companies strategically modernize workflows and improve operational efficiencies. 
  • 2022: Will hire a market leader to expand support for clients in Washington, D.C.  

In addition to focusing on growth, UDig’s team supports their local communities by contributing to numerous organizations, such as Startup Virginia, RVATech, The Doorways, Nashville Technology Council, and Women in Technology of Tennessee (WITT).