UDig Launches Intelligent Automation Services

The company aims to help both companies and their people thrive

RICHMOND, VA | February 24, 2021

Businesses looking to advance their digital capabilities and accelerate operations can find in-depth support with UDig’s new Intelligent Automation (IA) services. The technology consulting company’s goal is to help organizations modernize how employees work while meeting rapidly changing demands.

“For the past year, we’ve seen the pandemic expedite how companies move into a digital environment,” explains UDig Founder and CEO Andy Frank. “While some have evolved well, not everyone can quickly scale on their own. And those that are slow to pivot risk being left behind if they can’t support their employees and stay efficient and relevant. Our goal is to provide the technical trade-offs that allow companies to keep their businesses humming while transforming how they work.” 

To achieve this goal, UDig aligns its services with change management and employee satisfaction, in addition to operational improvements. Rather than focus on a single automation element, UDig tailors every aspect to address the data, software, operations, and processes that drive how people work. From creating an Idea Hub that crowdsources employees’ modernization ideas to building software solutions in-house, UDig’s capabilities support every development stage and need. 

“Automation is as much a human element as it is a digital transformation,” says Chris Lara, UDig’s new senior director of intelligent automation. “People often view automation as something that threatens a workforce. We believe the opposite is true: When you center automation around the people you support, you improve employee satisfaction as well as operational efficiency. Our goal is to unlock each person’s potential and value, and let automation save them time by doing the repetitive, mundane tasks.”

To support clients as they begin their journey, UDig offers two Intelligent Automation solutions. The IA Discovery Workshop engages a client’s business and technical teams to discover which work elements are ripe for automation. The IA QuickStart enables a team to pilot a process from concept to creation. At the center of each service is a focus on helping people and companies thrive. 

About UDig 

UDig is a technology consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia, that supports businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeast marketsWe believe in the power of innovation and know that solutions are only as powerful as the people who craft, curate, and use them. We’re proud to be named one of the Best Places to Work in Virginia in 2021.