UDig’s Innovation Studio Turns 1

This week, UDig celebrated the 1st birthday of our Innovation Studio.  It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we were launching our studio with a couple of consultants.  Now, we’ve grown tremendously and delivered on really cool work for our clients.

One of those projects actually saved lives.  UDig’s Innovation Studio was engaged to replace an aging and out of support Google Search Appliance used by medical professionals to find critical information, often in the midst of a medical crisis.  Read more details about the project here.

The Innovation Studio offers clients a team of experts to deliver prototyping, software development and project implementation in a secure, off-site location.  One of the unique skills the Studio team brings is helping your organization visualize and experience their ideas.  We use the power of prototyping to help both business leaders looking to sell an idea and IT teams seeking to convince leadership to invest in new technologies.

UDig’s Innovation Studio developers enjoy working with new technologies and assessing frameworks to leverage for potential client projects.  With their innovation time, reserved for exploring ideas and learning new technology, the team learned Unity, a popular multi-platform game engine.  The result is Caffeine Rush, now available for free on iOS and Google Play for Android.

We celebrated our first year of the Innovation Studio with bowling, good old-fashioned team building and a rubik’s cube cake.