Nashville Analytics Summit

October 2nd

Nashville, TN

Visioning Success:  How Tractor Supply is Leveraging Computer Vision (AI) for Enhanced Retail Team Member Productivity

During this session, we will dive into a real-world example and technical demonstration highlighting Tractor Supply’s success with their “TractorVision” solution in partnership with UDig. Discover how computer vision solutions have enabled Tractor Supply to optimize team member productivity and create a personalized customer experience.  Gain the inspiration to leverage computer vision’s immense potential to empower your team members, optimize operations, and create unforgettable customer experiences in the competitive retail landscape.

This event has already happened, but stay tuned for a case study highlighting UDig’s work with Tractor Supply Company.



Glenn Allison – Vice President, Customer Facing Applications Development for Tractor Supply Company 

Ronda Boutcher – Director, IT Retail Systems at Tractor Supply Company 

Kevin Cox – Principal Consultant, UDig