Enable Auto Retailer to Deliver Faster Using Modern Application Architecture

UDig supported a major architectural shift for a Fortune 500 auto retailer by decomposing a legacy monolithic application stack to a microservices architecture with modern application frameworks. This shift allowed the business to move faster while creating a technology stack that enabled innovation and attracted talent.



Modernize application architecture while supporting business demands in a legacy platform.


Develop a strategy to decompose business logic from a monolithic system into reusable, lightweight services that the entire organization can consume.


Partner to build a plan to pull business logic from specific systems based on the future architecture and application strategy. Prioritize system modernization against business investments while creating a modern architecture to centralize and distribute applications.


Many of our client’s systems originated from a previous organization, including a client-server architecture built on PowerBuilder and Sybase. This architecture was the standard for all custom applications for 15 years. Over time the architecture limited their ability to deliver business projects as the company scaled. They needed a new architectural strategy that was distributed, agile and reusable. While they re-trained existing staff on modern technologies and methodologies, they were looking for a technical stack that attracted top talent. It became challenging to prioritize which systems should be modernized, retired or replaced without a clear plan in place. The new architecture evolved out of work we co-developed on the team, and it eventually became the standard for the rest of the organization.


UDig partnered with the auto retailer to determine the solution and strategy to implement for their ideal future state. The target structure was .NET on Azure Cloud, using modern application frameworks like Angular and microservices. Our team consisted of modern and legacy engineers to accommodate both systems. We prioritized what logic and applications needed modernization based on business impact and risk—the bulk of the work took many years to complete.

How We Did It

Application Modernization
Deployment Strategy
Platform Automation
User Experience

Tech Stack

  • Angular / .NET
  • Microservices
  • SQL Server / Azure Cloud