CoDEV: Innovation and Collaboration to Build your Team


The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts there will be over 1 million computing job openings by 2024.  However, last year only 42,969 computer science students graduated into the workforce (  This talent gap creates a huge challenge for businesses, working to keep pace with modern technology. And, the shortfall doesn’t factor in the constant change in technology, creating the need for developer retraining using current technology stacks.

Many of our clients are required to work in a hybrid mode: maintaining legacy systems while building new, modern platforms. In order to leverage new stacks many teams require retooling in modern design patterns and frameworks. The ability to find talent to manage both work streams in the open market gets harder every day. If your organization doesn’t allow remote work due to cultural constraints or security issues, then your ability to attract top talent gets even tougher.

Traditionally, you have a few potential options to consider:

  • Overpay for the most senior developers on the market, which may create issues with current staff, tenure, culture, etc.
  • Offer incredible flexibility and @work perks. Developers love working from home and setting their own schedule, however it can be counterproductive if you require a secure environment or are building a collaborative, agile culture.
  • Outsource your development either onshore or offshore which presents additional challenges with delivery, communication and cost.

CoDEV allows our clients’ to build teams consisting of our software engineers and their own engineers to ideate, create and build solutions. A CoDEV team is a great way to get mentoring and training from our engineers, while building a sustainable solution. We help our client’s engineers learn new tools and language while implementing process in a real world solution.

The end result of CoDEV is a solution that our clients can own and maintain because their own team members helped to build it. Our clients find this approach much different than a traditional consulting or outsource arrangement.  Rather than a system being created and handed off to the client with very little knowledge transfer, the knowledge transfer happens during the build process.

If your team is struggling to attract talent within your budget due to the shortage of available developers, consider letting our team co-develop your solution while training your team in modern technologies and processes. You get the best of consulting, ensuring a successful project completion while providing leadership and mentoring for your teams.

About The Author

Andy Frank is our Founder and CEO. Since founding UDig, he has had the opportunity to build a business fueled by finding clients the right technology solutions to solve their business challenges.