Check Out UDig’s New Digs

Our team celebrated the opening of our new headquarters in Henrico, Virginia on April 12, 2018. UDig’s new space is modern, spacious and built for collaboration. Our newly renovated space is the perfect addition to our growing organization. Check out our new digs!

Our new space was completely renovated to reflect our guiding principles. In building the plans for our new space we knew we wanted to incorporate as much natural light as possible to make our space inviting. Our reception lounge would not be complete without our token wood wall. Across the hall, we are planning our next expansion for more project space.

Our collaboration spaces are all named after arcade games. Our conference rooms are “Dig Dug” and “Battlezone”. When you enter our space you cannot miss our picture wall. This wall reflects our authentic, fun culture. These images show our passion for technology, giving back to our communities and having fun. This wall will continue to grow each year and evolve as we do. UDig’s snack station includes an incredible coffee machine, snacks and drinks for all employees. “Gauntlet” has become the favorite room in our new space. If you need a break you can take down the gameboards for a quick game of checkers, play video games or even catch up on sports.

We are loving every moment in our new building and are excited about all the room we have to grow!