Since utilizing their mobile application, The Doorways has benefited from having access to real-time data on room status in a number of ways. Customer experience has improved; guests have a smoother check-in process and receive accurate status updates with clear expectations upon arrival. The housekeeping team follows a more streamlined and efficient process and is more productive as a result. Users can access information as-needed without having to rely on responses from other personnel.


A local hospitality house had cumbersome and manual processes in place for their Housekeeping Department. A paper system was being used to log whether a room needed to be cleaned, was in the process of being serviced or was ready for guest use. No real-time data was available and radio transceivers were used for the Housekeeping staff to communicate room status. As a result, the house was limited in its ability to provide timely check-ins to arriving guests and often faced inaccuracies in coordinating with other team members.

See more about our approach to partnering with The Doorways and their perspective on the impact of our work via the video below.


The UDig team quickly identified that a mobile solution would provide current data to the Housekeeping and Front Desk teams while on-the-go, would streamline and simplify their workflow for inputting room status and would result in a smoother and faster check-in process for guests arriving to The Doorways. We built a customized workflow for iPad leveraging an existing system’s data by building a new service layer in .Net. This enabled the Service team to manage room availability remotely.