An updated brand, website and social media strategy helps nonprofit clarify their value proposition and communicate more effectively with the community and donors.


  • UP RVA is a nonprofit focused on helping inner city students become successful members of private schools.
  • The organization needed branding, website design and content strategy to help develop its value proposition and communicate with donors.
The updated digital presence and brand provides clarity around the nonprofit's value proposition and improves their visibility in the community.


UDig’s Digital consultants interviewed stakeholders and determined the broader value proposition and goals of the organization.  UP RVA’s reach extended beyond simply providing transportation to students, so UDig recommended a new mission and brand strategy – Unlimited Potential, Unparalleled Support.

The project team developed new brand standards and built an updated website as well as provided the organization with user friendly tools and templates including a new brand guide (available upon request).

As a complement to UP RVA’s rebranding, UDig provided a complete social media strategy and content management plan to develop and grow UP RVA’s social media presence and improve their visibility in the community.

Visit the new site at:

Technology Used

  • WordPress
  • Adobe XD
  • HTML & CSS